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Planning and scheduling a project is becoming more sophisticated

As new techniques develop, will your programme stand up to scrutiny?

You may have a planner on board, but is your programme an accurate and efficient management tool?

A good programme should be designed to deliver the project on time and on budget. Is your team up to date with the latest techniques? Will your plan be acceptable if subject to scrutiny in a dispute situation?

Programming, Planning and Delay Services

  • Create accurate project programmes
  • Accurately monitor project progress
  • Analyse the effects of variations and delays

Project Planning

Are your team familiar with the latest technologies and integration of software with resource planning, BIM and other techniques?

Let HDP’s experienced team of expert planners support them. We have the necessary knowledge to deliver a programme for on time project delivery, within budget and to the required standard.

Project Planning Services:

  • Initial feasibility assessments
  • Preparation of tender or contract programs
  • Monitor project progress

Analyse Projects Accurately

Should a project become delayed, there are many ways of identifying what’s happened and getting the project back on track.

HDP’s expert planners and delay analysts can identify the best method, based on available information. By identifying the most effective solution, you’ll get the best possible results. Every time.

Our team of planning experts have trained with some of the world’s leading experts. They understand contemporaneous and retrospective delay analysis and management techniques. Be certain of an accurate and positive outcome by working with them on your project.

Prove Cause and Effect

The biggest challenge in matters of delay is to get an accurate picture of why it occurred. Correct demonstration of the cause leading to delay is essential in any contract.

Use our experienced team of delay analysts to check you’re managing your records and documentation effectively. Be certain you can demonstrate cause and effect in a delay claim if you need to.

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