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Disputes will occasionally arise. If not handled properly, they can become extremely costly and time-consuming

Statistics show the cost of arbitration is between $150,000 and $200,000 per day. That can equate to up to 15% of project value and a significant dent in profits.

We’ll work to ensure you find the most efficient route to resolve a dispute with minimum cost. Whether traditional arbitration or Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), HDP have experienced and helpful experts to support you through the process.

The HDP team spend their time helping resolve disputes. So you can be sure of help from people who understand the processes and what’s required to ensure success.

Dispute support services:

  • Dispute Adjudication and Resolution Boards
  • Dispute Management and Determination
  • Arbitration

Dispute Resolution

No party enters into a contract with the intention of entering into disputes. But when they arise, the resulting relationships can be tense. A significant risk is the diversion of team efforts away from project goals.

If a project becomes firmly locked in dispute, it is often believed that the only resolution is arbitration. If arbitration is unavoidable, we have a team of experts who can guide you through the process.

Arbitration can be a time consuming and costly exercise for both parties. However, if there is a willingness from the parties to bring the matter to a resolution, there are alternatives. Parties can use an industry expert to examine the issues of the dispute and provide an impartial decision to the parties on the merits of the matter. HDP can help bring an objective perspective to ensure project goals remain the focus.

With many development banks now insisting on the contractual inclusion of dispute boards, their use on construction projects is becoming increasingly popular.
The International Chamber of Commerce, FIDIC and ICE also recommend their use or incorporate them into their contracts. Our team includes qualified adjudicators.

Dispute Resolution Services:

  • Review and advice on the merits of the disputed items
  • Advice on claim presentation to avoid disputes
  • Advice on claim responses and determinations to avoid disputes
  • Preparation of cases for dispute hearings
  • Expert adjudication advice and advocacy during dispute proceedings