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Construction Claims

Though claims are almost inevitable on complex construction projects, disputes need not cost the earth or damage reputation

A project may not proceed as originally planned. Whether a result of changes, or employer-caused delays, claims can very often add up to substantial sums.

A successful claim can be the difference between achievement and failure of a contractor’s commercial goals. Similarly, the rejection or reduction of a claim on behalf of the employer will protect the project’s bottom line.

Construction claims services:

  • Claim Preparation
  • Claim Assessment and Determination
  • Peer Review

Claim Preparation

Poorly presented claims are one of the major causes of costly and time-consuming disputes.

Successful claims need correct presentation. They need to include all the essential elements to allow the reviewer to make a proper determination. Failure to do so will result in delay to resolution, or outright rejection of the claim.

With substantial sums of money at risk, it is essential that adequate resources work to recover them. Sometimes you might not have the specialist knowledge and expertise available to manage, prepare and present complex claim issues. Even if you do, valuable time can be wasted in diverting people to deal with disputes. We guarantee you’ll save time and money, and obtain better results by working with us.

Our proven claim preparation techniques include:

  • Formulating a suitable claim strategy to achieve your objectives
  • Advising on the merits of the claim events
  • Quantum evaluation
  • Preparation of claim submissions
  • Claim review and enhancement
  • Cause and Effect Analysis
  • Detailed Forensic Delay Analysis and Reporting

Claim Assessment and Determination

Sometimes you are presented with a claim that may not appear to be determined accurately.

Assessing the merits and accuracy of the claim, may not be straightforward. It is important that your response takes the right strategic direction.

We can advise you on the contractual merits of the claim and help you prepare your response strategy accordingly. By careful quantum assessment, and preparation of your response, we can save you unnecessary costs.

Claim Assessment and Determination services:

  • Agreeing a strategy to achieve your objectives
  • Advising on contractual merit
  • Quantum Evaluation
  • Preparation of claim determinations and responses
  • Response review & enhancement

Peer Review

Allow HDP to review claim or response documents, suggest ways which they could be enhanced and if necessary, edit the claim or response so that it contains all the essential elements for success.

Together, we can ensure you minimise risk and maximise financial success in a difficult situation.