What We Do

Proven expertise for employers, consultants,
contractors and subcontractors

Our Mission

We want to help you achieve success in the field of construction contracts, commercial matters, claims and disputes.

We provide proven expertise to employers, consultants, contractors and subcontractors.

At the heart of our service to you is reducing your costs and risks.

Work with HDP to ensure your commercial, contractual and planning or scheduling related issues are dealt with efficiently and effectively. Let our global experience and expertise become your strongest asset.

We support you with contractual advice, claims, dispute management and adjudication. Our team of recognised industry experts support you with commercial assistance and management, programming, planning and forensic delay analysis.

What We Do

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Construction Claims

Claims are almost inevitable on complex construction projects. A successful claim can be the difference between success and failure in a contractor’s commercial goals.

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Contractual Advice

Construction contracts are invariably complex. It is a fact of life that one party may try to use the contract to either cover their own errors and omissions, or try to gain an advantage over others.

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Dubai Construction Claims Consultants

Programming, Planning & Delay

Planning and scheduling a project is becoming more sophisticated. As new techniques develop, will your programme stand up to scrutiny?

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Expert Witness and Advisors

The role of expert is an onerous one. Depending upon the method of dispute resolution employed, different rules will apply.

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Inevitably, disputes will occasionally arise. If not handled properly, they can become extremely costly and time-consuming.

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Commercial and Quantum

Every project has its own complexities. Hewitt Decipher Partnership have the latest knowledge and skills to ensure your next project is set up for commercial success.

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Education and Training

Knowledge is power. Ensure you’re up to date with the latest knowledge and stay ahead of the competition with Claims Class, our training and education division.

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