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Waste to Energy Project North East England

On-site dedicated commercial support throughout the project

Our Brief

We were asked to provide commercial site services for the specialist process pipework cladding and insulation contractor who were lacking in the expertise to carry out the work themselves. We were able to provide dedicated support.

The Services

Following award of the package to the Sub-Contractor, we reviewed the subcontract conditions. We identified the contractual elements of the sub-contract package which the subcontractor was obligated to fulfil and we carried out a workshop with all interested parties to ensure that the risk profile was understood. We also ran a workshop to examine the requirements under the contract relating to record keeping, notice provisions and applications for payment. We then supported the project team with an on-site presence to provide them with efficient contract management.

The Benefit

Our services ensured that the subcontractor complied with the provisions of its subcontract, meaning that it could claim for additional time and cost on what became a very challenging project.