High Voltage Electric Current Link, UK

Recommendation of most suitable method of delay analysis to demonstrate Contractor’s entitlement to extension of time

Our Brief

We were asked by the Main Contractor to consider the delays that had been suffered on this project which had been incurred over two sites in the UK. We were to recommend a suitable form of delay analysis to demonstrated the Contractor’s entitlement to an extension of time.

The Services

We visited the site and reviewed the contract, records and events leading to delay. We attended workshops with the Main Contractors team and considered the most suitable methods of delay analysis which would support a robust position.

The Benefit

We undertook a full forensic delay analysis of seven events which impacted the Contractors regular progress of works and developed delay and quantum narratives in support of the entitlement due. This enabled the Main Contractor to commence dialogue with the Employer over the settlement of its account on a negotiated basis.