Hotel and Tower Block UAE

Assisting Subcontractor with delay, prolongation and acceleration claims against Main Contractor

Our Brief

We were employed by the fitting out works subcontractor to assist with the development of its delay, prolongation and acceleration claims against the main contractor.

The Services

We undertook an initial high level determination of the requirements under the contract and the claims being sought by the subcontractor. We prepared claims and updates for an extension of time, prolongation costs and costs due to delayed payment and under-certification of payments. These services led to the development of a further brief which identified the need to undertake a monthly windows analysis covering a 33 month period.

The Benefit

Our forensic analysis and associated narrative along with cost calculation were submitted to the Contractor for consideration and robustly supported the subcontractors claim for additional time and the payment of costs. The windows analysis prepared is suitable for use in arbitration proceedings.