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A 5-star hotel in the UAE

Providing opinion on the validity of Contractor’s claims to entitlement and advice on the quantum of claims

Our Brief

At the end of the project, the Contractor and the Engineer were unable to agree on six variations. The Employer engaged us to review the matters and to provide an impartial opinion as to the Contractor’s entitlement. If entitlement existed, we were to advise on the quantum of the claims.

The Services

We examined the Contractor’s claims and the Engineer’s responses, conducted interviews with the Contractor and Engineer to ascertain additional information and examined all matters against the contract. Our detailed reports recommended that there was no entitlement for three of the variations. Of the remainder, two of the variations were correct as submitted and one was correct, but the claimed quantum should be reduced.

The Benefit

The Employer, Engineer and Contractor accepted our recommendations and the matters were amicably agreed without dispute.