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A waste to Energy plant in East England

Review of Subcontractor packages and the position of the Main and Sub Contractor

Our Brief

We were approached by the main contractor to provide assistance with their site commercial team who were having trouble assessing entitlement of subcontract claims and variations.

The Services

We undertook a review of each subcontract package and the positions of the Main Contractor and Subcontractor. We identified the main issues and the position under the contract. The Main Contractor’s aim was to negotiate settlement of the accounts without having to revert to formal dispute resolution.

The Benefit

We assisted in the resolution of some difficult subcontract accounts valuing variations and claim entitlement. Our position paper set out the entitlement for time and quantum of the subcontractors which was presented to the Main Contractor. This assisted the Main Contractor to reach settlement on disputed subcontract accounts without the need to revert to formal dispute resolution. We also advised the main contractor of claims to which he was entitled in order to recoup additional payment from the client, thus increasing his profitability on the project.