We are excited to announce that Hewitt Decipher Partnership will now operate under a new name: Decipher, a DeSimone Company.

Director, Andy Hewitt will be stepping down from the day to day running of the business as he transitions to semi-retirement. The Decipher management team will be picking up the reigns.

Established in 2001, Decipher is a dedicated team of construction experts and consultants based in the UK. It offers services including quantum and project advisory, quantity surveying, project planning, dispute resolution, expert testimony and training.

Decipher was recently acquired by DeSimone Consulting Engineers and now operates as Decipher, A DeSimone company. You can read about the acquisition here.

The evolution puts the company in a stronger position to serve our existing clients in the UAE and brings exciting opportunities for both you and us.

What this means for our clients

Rest assured, you can still expect the very best level of skill and expertise from the team. Little will change day-to-day for our existing clients and we will still provide the high-quality services you expect.

Stay in touch

As we formally transition to Decipher, you’ll no longer hear from us on this account. However, we would like to stay in touch.

If you would like to continue hearing from us with news, advice, events and webinars, you can sign up to the Decipher database here.

Claims Class

The training side of our business, Claims Class, has also joined the DeSimone family but will continue to operate as usual. Andy Hewitt is still involved as a course developer and tutor to our hundreds of students across the globe. Following 12 years of success, we also plan to expand and diversify the course portfolio. You can expect some exciting new courses in the coming months.

Stay up to date with training courses, and receive free advice on preparing construction claims. Sign up to the Claims Class mailing list here.

Looking to the future

Paul Gibbons, CEO at Decipher, comments: “it is exciting news that Decipher has joined DeSimone. Not only will this allow us to service clients on a global stage, it also means that we can raise the profile of our training offering, Claims Class, ensuring that the future professionals of tomorrow are trained and developed”.

Andy Hewitt also commented on the change: “whilst I am stepping away from the consultancy and management side of the business, my passion for training and education remains. I will, therefore, still be working as a tutor and educator under the Claims Class banner to help people increase their knowledge and enhance their careers. I am sure that Claims Class will continue to thrive under the management of Paul, Nina and the broader DeSimone team”.

If you have any comments, questions or would just like to get in touch, please contact Nina on nina.hewitt@decipher-group.com