Omission of Items in the Bill of Quantities not shown on Drawings...

I recently received a request for advice from one of our course attendees. I have been asked for advice about this topic on several occasions so I thought it worthy of a blog. The situation and query was as follows:

The Contract is a lump sum and not subject to re-measurement. The Bill of Quantities (BoQ) was prepared by the Contractor at tender stage.

During the project closure, some items listed in the BoQ were not provided since these items were not included on the tender drawings, shop drawing or final as-built drawings.

The Client deducted these items as an omission at final account stage as the Contractor did not complete any of these billed works. The Contractor disagrees with this and asserts that he took the risk on the lump sum contract and the BoQ was merely for guidance and valuation only.


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Inadequately Expressed Claims

The object of any claim is, from the claimant’s perspective, quite simple. You will be looking to convince a decision-maker that the claimant has the right to be compensated in ether time or money for the event from which the claim arose. The claimant has the obligation to prove that his claim is just. The standard of proof required to do so is based upon the ‘balance of probabilities’. If the claim does not fulfil these requirements, there is a very good chance that it will fail. It will fail because the claimant has not demonstrated his case.Read more

When Should Extension of Time Claims be Submitted?

The consultancy side of our business has just been appointed by a contractor to prepare an extension of time claim. The contractor exceeded the completion date 3 months ago. Although there are many employer-caused delays, the contractor has not so far submitted any claims for extensions of time. Unfortunately, this approach by contractors is all too common. It often results in much work for consultants such as ourselves, but it is disadvantageous to the contractor in many ways.Read more

Evaluation of Variations on Lump Sum Contracts

I recently presented a 2-day intensive training course. One delegate raised a question about lump-sum contracts and items included in the bills of quantities, but not shown on the drawings. The question was, ‘if something is included in the bill of quantities but not required, can the Engineer omit the price included in the bill of quantities for this item?’Read more