ARCADIS have recently published their Global Construction Dispute Report 2019. The report says that the Number 1 reason for disputes in the Middle East is ‘Poorly drafted or incomplete and unsubstantiated claims’. So in light of this, we’ve put together a list of 10 things that you can do to ensure acceptance of your claims quickly and successfully:

  1. Ensure that you submit notices in accordance with the requirements of the contract and within the prescribed time frames.
  2. Ensure that those responsible for compiling the claim have the required qualifications, experience and knowledge to produce a professional claim in accordance with best practice.
  3. Ensure that the detailed particulars of the claim comply with the requirements of the contract.
  4. Ensure that the claim links cause and effect.
  5. If you are claiming and extension of time, ensure that you demonstrate the effect of the delay on the completion date by a suitable method of delay analysis.
  6. Ensure that you demonstrate your entitlement to an award by reference to the contract.
  7. Ensure that any calculations of time and quantum you explain and substantiate adequately.
  8. Ensure that you substantiate every fact you rely on and every statement you make in the claim.
  9. Ensure that anyone unfamiliar with the events or the project can understand your claim.
  10. Ensure that your claim contains all the information necessary for the respondent to reach a decision.

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