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Formed from two exceptional contract, commercial and construction claims consultancies, Hewitt Decipher Partnership is based in Dubai, from where we are ideally placed to provide services to clients on an international basis.

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Construction in the Gulf region is exciting and varied. New projects and new opportunities arise all the time. But with opportunity comes risk. We help you manage, understand and deal with that risk.

Dedicated to guaranteeing results for your business, we value our relationship with you. We work to ensure better commercial and contractual outcomes. Established and experienced, yet small and adaptable, HDP will work tirelessly to support you. Sensitive to your commercial needs, we’ll dedicate ourselves to your financial success. Our team are based in Dubai, UAE and the UK.

We look forward to working with you soon.

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Take a look at our articles. You’ll find information on construction disputes, how to manage them, understand them and minimise them. We look at delay analysis, contractual and quantum issues in our series of articles aimed at helping you cut costs and reduce the risk of disputes.

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